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Eagle Adventure Play



The Eagle Adventure is a program aimed at providing youth and their families with hope that diabetes can be prevented through dietary and physical activity. Students in grades 1-3 are introduced to the program through the the Eagle Adventure play, which embraces traditions of First American storytelling. The play is usually performed in person at a school assembly. The COVID-19 pandemic forced students to attend school virtually and caused teachers to find new resources to reach their classes. creativeMINDS was hired to produce and re-think how this play could be presented with all CDC recommendations in place to mask and remain six-feet apart. Filmed inside a closed museum, creativeMINDS did just that: re-created the play with masked characters acting to professional voiceover audio tracks while always remaining six-feet apart. This video series took one week to film, months of editing and development of animations on the intro and outro to bring it to life. Kids were mesmerized watching First American characters Rain that Dances and Thundercloud learn about being healthy and strong. Teachers were thankful to have great educational content that enhanced the Eagle Adventure curriculumn.